It’s Not Fair

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Paula wanted to leave, but Jeff would not move from the door. “You can’t leave me, not like this”. “I am not staying,” Paula yells, “you had your chance. now it’s to late!” Paula stumbles as she tries to push Jeff away from the door “Get out of my way!” “No.” Jeff pleads, “I can’t just let you walk out on me”. Jeff press his back to the door. “You haven’ t been fair. You never gave me a real chance to prove myself to you. Its as if you wanted to see me fail”. Paula turns violently “I wanted to see you fail? what a laugh. I gave you every chance in the world. But no, here it is twenty minute later an you still can’t get the pickle jar open. What’s a pregnant women have to do to get a pickle around here?”

Short story By Louise Cutler. “It’s Not Fair” Check me out on WordPress



Joe was waiting on the corner of fifth and twenty second street. She said she would be there at eight, time now, eight thirty. This was going to be a long night. What was he thinking, Paula was hot. She was the kind of girl that guys like Joe only dreamed about. But there he was waiting to meet her on the corner of fifth and twenty second. It all started at school. Joe was standing near the water cooler and Paula was entering the cafeteria with her usual assortment of admirers and friends. What happened next was unreal. Someone had dropped what appeared to be a banana peel on the floor near the entrance to the school cafeteria and Paula’s foot just happened to touch down right on top of it. The event that followed was pretty incredible. However you probably can guess the general outcome; floor, banana peel, foot, nuff said. As you may have guessed Paula went flying some five feet into the air. Screeching all the way up and all the way down. But who was there to come to her aid, none other then Joe. Why he was sheer poetry in motion. Gallantly racing across the room with arms spread wide anticipating Paula’s descent into his strong magnificent awaiting embrace. Well . . . at least, that’s the way it happened for Joe. You see Paula actually hit the floor and was taken to the hospital shortly after the fall. Joe, well, Joe was still standing near the water cooler staring off into space all dreamy like. If you haven’t figured it out by now, here it is. Joe’s not actually standing on the corner of fifth and twenty second street, he didn’t save Paula and no she isn’t late.


Louise Cutler ©2014


Julie was about to end it all just when Marsha walked in.

“No! ” cried Marsha franticly as she raced across the room to the open window

where Julie was standing. “You can’t! I won’t let you,” she screamed as she jetted towards

Julie. “I can’t take it anymore, I am going out of my mind” Julie yelled, moving nearer to the window. “Stay away!

Don’t come any closer or I will . . . ” “No, don’t! Please,” cried Marsha.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Marsha screamed as she made one last futile attempt to reach Julie . . .. Only it

was to late. The deed was done. Marsha stumbled to the open window with tears streaming from her eyes. She

couldn’t believe what had just happened. Julie was her roommate and closest friend. How could she? How could

anyone just, throw your favorite stuff animal out an open window just because they thought it was staring at them? I

mean, really.


Louise Cutler  ©2014


I caught a case and they erased my face

Doin time for a crime that first happened in my mind

Couldn’t shake the feeling I needed to make a livin

Didn’t have time to think about the outcome was only looking for some income

Trying to put some money in my pocket

But instead got my finger stuck in the socket

Shocked and daze

Moving in a haze

Somebody call a doctor


I caught a case now I have no face

I’m just another dodo

Coming from the ghetto

With no other place to go

Tina Turner I need a hero

I need to find a way home

From this long hard road I’m on

My name I have one


But I caught a case and they erased my face

Here in this place I’m just another inmate

Eating out of a steel plate

Trying hard to keep my mind straight

Can some one call a doctor please?

I caught a case

Tel’em it’s me 009818

I caught a case

 By Louise Cutler   ©2011

Blk Pride

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Screams of the Blkman Screams of the Blkman

Artwork by Louise Cutler © 2014 Click to enlarge

Black Pride

Black Pride has gone and died

What remains is a shell

once our leaders fell

Black pride has chosen to hide

behind a mask of shame

trying to adopt a new name

Black pride has fallen aside

Because of hate of self

dumping past triumphs upon a shelf

Black pride has gone and died

leaving those who sacrificed

with a legacy of lunacy, accepted poverty and depravity

Black pride has chosen to hide

Too afraid to remember that

once, there was a rising, of those that were strong

those that were not afraid to stand up and say it loud

“I am black and I am proud”!

This was the mantra of the day

To be Young gifted and black was heard across the land

The marches and protest for freedom

bound a people together with a common goal

but once the leaders were taken, we fell back into the old

Hands out, in full surrender to the system that has bound us,

Becoming willing participates in our own demise.

Blk pride has gone and died

Satisfied with the crumbs that fall from the governmental table

even though our men are well able

to work and earn a living and be free

We chose a life of poverty and enslavement to a system

Allowing ourselves to become trust fund bums of the state

and food stamp junkies

like rats in a maze awaiting the next graze

Black pride you no longer have to hide

Stand up and provide for your family’s with pride

Your sons and daughter are in need of you

No longer are you just the master’s breeder

Stand and be your family’s leader, provider, and example

Black pride you must decide

Whether to lead or to follow

to be filled or be hollow

whether your children will sell drugs as beggers on the street

and end up imprisoned for lack of what you have to teach

Black pride don’t let our children fall to the side

like waste in the street with no food to eat

being a mockery because of poverty

By Louise Cutler ©2014

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Screams Of the blkman

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Scream of a blkman

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Screams of a blk man


Scream blk man scream

Scream until they have heard everything

Scream for your justice

Scream for your rights

Scream until you have climbed the highest heights

Scream for your daughters

Scream for your sons

Scream against poverty until there is none

Scream in the midst of challenges

Scream in the midst of pain

Scream for your children for they have much to gain

Hold your tongue for nothing

But hold your head with pride

Hold your ground with dignity until you have reached the other side


Scream blk man scream

Scream until they have heard everything.

Scream through the darkness

Scream through the rain

Scream when you feel you have no one else to blame

Scream when you are happy

Scream when you are hurt

Scream for the right to show your self worth

Scream for your homes

Scream for your schools

Scream against any unjustifiable rules

Scream through your prison cells

Where you are left to rot

Scream out your loudest yell

Cry out within the night


Scream blk man scream

Scream until they have heard everything.

Scream against charges that leave you no hope

Scream against the young man in your neighborhood selling dope

Scream for all the children that have fall by the way

Through the cracks of our street where there is no room for them to play  

Scream for your family

Scream through your fears

Scream alone in the shadow where no one else can hear


Scream blk man scream

For your journey is long

Scream blk man scream

Til you find your way home.

By louise Cutler © 2010